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Aquarium fish

Aquarium & Aquarium365

Aquarium365 is a website for all aquarium enthusiasts. We are doing our utmost to offer solutions to the problems that so many enthusiasts are confronted with. Because it is a lack of the right information that causes many unnecessary problems. We hope the information on our blog helps everyone create a thriving aquarium. There is an incredible amount of time and effort in our blogposts as well as the website itself. And we’re going to keep doing it!

If you have any suggestions or want to help us (there are plenty of things to do!) feel free to leave a message.

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What do a website and an aquarium have in common? Read my story here.

Attention aquarium enthusiasts

Despite the fact that there are many hobbies and these days anything is possible, the aquaria hobby is misunderstood. Often I get questions like: “What on earth are you going to do with an aquarium?”

It gets even more embarrassing when someone happens to find out by accident. “All right, so you have an aquarium… no, uhm, unusual.” Then people look at you like you’re crazy. Recognisable? I even heard from a friendly psychologist that they view this hobby as one of many characteristics for the autism spectrum.

Well, that’s just excellent. You finally found a hobby that actually fits who you are, and then people tell you you’re not entirely sane. With, I would like to help prove that these preconceptions simply don’t make any sense. With the right knowledge you get to have a beautiful aquarium, a centrepiece in your living room. And that is de most powerful argument to make people understand, to even let them experience, why this is such a fantastic hobby.

At the same time, most of the people quit this hobby because their aquarium causes more frustrations and misery than fun and pleasure. Therefore, Aquarium365 is first and foremost a blog from a huge aquarium enthusiast where everyone can find free knowledge and solutions. Whether it is about aquarium fish, aquarium plants, freshwater shrimp, controlling algae or aquarium beginners. The right knowledge leads to less problems and better results.

Biorb flow aquarium

Maintaining, expanding and improving takes a lot of time, effort and money. It’s the fun and often useful comments of a lot of people that make it worth it. For everyone who has left their feedback, ideas and comments on this website: thank you so much!


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Aquarium beginners

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